Great Danes and Other Amazing Large Animals

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Great Danes are a great species of dogs and make up a major part of the largest ever known animals kept as pets by humans. They are friendly, gorgeous, easy to train and offer great company as therapy or working dogs. Though big in size great Danes are not hostile but are very gentle with their owners, children and even other dogs. They are however not the only amazing large animals kept as pets by humans, the list is endless. Here are some of them:

Gibson (Great Dane)

Gibson was one of the most famous and treasured great Danes of all times. Having been born in April 26, 2002 he grew up in Grass Valley California under the care of Sandy Hall. In 2004, he was recognized by Guinness Book of World Record as the world’s tallest dog. At 42.2 inches, Gibson weighed 82kg and while standing on his hind legs stretched his height was over 7feet. For a dog so large to stay healthy it is important that they receive regular grooming by a professional. It is quite normal to find that a dog this size can’t just fit in your bathtub at home so a professional hydrobath like the one featured in the pictures at dog grooming Newcastle would be a good idea. In his time, Gibson offered great comfort to Ms. Hall but succumbed to cancer in 2009.

Zeus (Great Dane)

This is the current Guinness world record holder as the tallest dog alive. Being 44 inches tall, Zeus from Michigan replaced his predecessor giant dog that was only an inch shorter. Towering on his hind limbs, he reaches 2.2 meters and on the weighing scale the results are a whopping 86kg. According to Denise Doorlag the owner of Zeus, people can just not stop wondering whether he is a horse or a dog.
Giant George (Great Dane)

This 43-inch tall great Dale from Arizona was once the Guinness Book of Records’ tallest dog immediately after Gibson and is the predecessor of Zeus. He is a dog loved by many, not just Guinness records which recognized him and there are updates every now and then for the fans about his life through his website and YouTube channel run by his owner. He has however passed on in August 2013 at 7 years of age. He actually held the title of the tallest dog to ever live until Zeus came by in 2013.

Zorba (Great Mastiff)

This mastiff from London holds the title of Guinness Book of Records’ largest dog ever. He has however since then passed on but still is the largest and no other dog has been able to outweigh the 343 lbs. He measured 37 inches at the shoulders, 8 feet and 3 inches from the nose tip to the tail end in November 1989. If he were alive today, many agree that he would still hold his record.

Ulric (cat)

Incase you were wondering, it is not all dog-talk. Ulric, a Norwegian forest cat weighing 30 pounds actually has twice the weight he ought to be having. All this weight can be attributed to his love for food. Since he was small, his owner (Jan Mitchel) reports that whenever he is not satisfied with his food, he just moves on to his sister’s (Ulla) bowl and gobbles all the remains. Though not good weight for his weight, it did help this English cat make it to the chart of amazing large animals.
Stewie (cat)

This 48.5 inch cat from Nevada has two world records in the Guinness book of records: world’s longest cat tail holder and the longest domestic cat in the world. He was a great therapy cat and helped a lot with the recovery of people in a local senior center home near where he lived. He however succumbed to cancer in February 2013.

Goldie (gold fish)

In Kent, England is the largest pet goldfish, Goldie. His length is 15 inches, width 5 inches and weighed over 2lbs when last weighed in 2008. Though kept in a small tank by the owner, goldie grew into a large fish from its initial one inch length. By 2008 he was about 15 years of age but has passed on since then and lost the records to Joris Gjisbers (current longest goldfish).

Gary (rodent)

Gary is a capybara weighing 112 pounds and is the world’s largest pet rodent. A couple living in Texas adopted this pet from an Arkansas breeder and have since then been living with their pet who they report to love swimming. He is quite great company and gets along with his owners and other animals in the family as well. For a pet rodent his size is amazing to all who see him for the very first time.