Gibson’s Memory Still Lives On

Born on April 2002, Gibson was a Harlequin Great Dane living in California, USA – Grass Valley to be more specific. Since a dog is man’s best friend, Sandy Hall was a friend and the owner of the amazing Gibson. He was later recognized in 2004 by Guinness Book of World Records for standing a remarkable 42.6 inches tall – when measured from ground to the top – and weighing 82 kegs according to the official report. This announcement displaced Harvey, the previous crown holder measuring 41 inches.

“I love you,” said Gibson. To become world’s tallest dog is cool but the fact that the world’s tallest dog could speak is something else. Call it special. Unbelievably, Gibson was a talking dog. As big as he was, the dog was simply a friendly puppy in a big dog’s body. He was playful and best of all a certified therapy dog with his trademark bandana forming the complete exciting package.

Gibson was also friendly to the cameras making celebrity hosts beg for a chance in the busy calendar. Appearing in major shows such as:

· Oprah

· Larry King Live

· Dog Fancy

· Life Magazine

· National Magazine

· NBC’S Tonight Show

· Good Morning America

· Inside Edition

· Montel Williams Show

· Just to mention a few

Gibson was a celebrity animal with a loving and positive association wherever he went. It is for this reason and more that he was granted the major responsibility of representing ForeverLawn, the maker of K9Grass (an artificial turf company), as the company’s spokes personnel in other words, the spokes-dog. Even though the dog was a giant, knowing the dog would make anyone realize that Gibson was more than just its size. Sandy – the owner – confesses that within a split of a second, Gibson had the power to make people forget about their problems.

Nominated in 2009 for the prestigious American Kennel’s Club ACE Awards, Gibson was a mommy’s boy that is according to Sandy who had him sleeping on a 10-piece sectional retrofitted with mattress including soft cushions. He was funny in that there was this day that he went to a lady in a wheelchair and sat in her lap, without the brakes being on. The lady went flying backwards and the only thing that stood on their way was a wall. Luckily enough, no one was hurt in the incidence, and it is funny since the lady was amused by the selflessness and wanted him to sit in her lap anytime he did the therapy visits.

Gibson held the AKC Dutchman Meistersinger, an elite line of Great Danes in Germany dating as early as the 1800s. Today, the descendants make excellent companion dogs. Amazing animals large and small each have unique qualities making it stand out from the rest. Compared to many larger breeds, Danes such as Gibson are popular for their good and humble nature. They are popular for their great demeanor with the elderly including children, this factor counted greatly to the calm and friendly nature that Gibson had.

Gibson has a book, Gibson Speaks that he co-authored. The story is of a dog, Gibson, giving insights to the life and journey of coping with life as the world’s tallest dog. His story is full of adventure such that one day he held an entire regulation basketball in his mouth and doggie dribbled which made the entire crowd stand on its feet.

Sadly, in April 2009, the dog was diagnosed with cancer after a tumor was found in his right front paw that led to the amputation of the whole leg in an attempt to keep cancer from spreading. He underwent chemo and the first treatment seemed to have positive results such that Sandy Hall wanted him to continue his work as a certified therapist. Even with the amputated leg, the dog remained to defend his Guinness Book of Records throne as the world’s tallest dog.

However, on August 7, 2009, it became apparent that the cancer had spread to Gibson’s spine and lungs. This left Sandy with no other option but to come to a very tough decision – the memory of which every pet owner carries like a scar – silently end his Dog’s life. Gibson was only 7 then. Sandy hall had his dog humanely euthanized by Dr. Peter Walsh who said that Gibson slept peacefully in the caring arms of Ms. Hall.

Zeus currently holds the record for height ousting Gibson as the world’s tallest dog according the Guinness Book of Records assessment done in October 2011. The Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan in the US measured a record 44 inches which is 1.1m from foot to withers.