Famous Pets As Therapy Dogs

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A dog might not be your whole life, to you he/she is only a pet, but they can make your life whole, they can heal, they are believed to have magic. Their love is absolute!

Famous pets as therapy dogs are not so very commonly heard of, but they can be traced back through the years. It has been said that they bring a sense of calmness and well being to people. Sigmund Freud found his baby Jofi would relax his patients, and they would be at ease to confide in him during their psychoanalysis sessions.

Dogs have been known to give comfort and companionship; they have also been trained for years and used in search and rescue expeditions since the 1700s. One such dog was Barry, he had saved over a 100 lives.

Therapy dogs come in all breeds and sizes, but they all have a brilliant temperament. They do not mind to be hugged or touched by strangers, and they get along with other breeds.

Dr. Boris Levinson one day left his dog with a child patient,not on purpose, he was having problems with this patient and when he returned the child was talking to the dog and he noticed that his dog was making a difference.

During and even after World War II, dogs have been used for therapy. Smoky was found on the battlefield by Corporal William Wynne, when he became hospitalized, his friends started bringing Smoky for visits. She became a hit with all the soldiers and it was noted that she had a positive effect on the soldiers when she was around them. Smoky was a famous pet as therapy dog. She stayed with the hospital as a therapy dog for 12 years.

A registered nurse Elaine Smith noticed the difference in patients after a visit from chaplain and his golden retriever. In 1976 she started training with dogs to visits hospitals and the therapeutic effect was noticed in these patients.

Dogs are being used in all fields of medicine today and at many institutes they assist adults and children with different problems.

Another famous pets as therapy dogs is Vivian Peyton, used in dog fights, she was rescued and trained. She helps at the Roland McDonald House comforting sick children. In 2012 she was honored as one of the years featured therapy dogs.

Zoey is another Famous pet used as a therapy dog. She is trained to cooperate and help at schools, nursing homes, hospitals and in disasters. Concordia University in Wisconsin is the first University to adopt a therapy dog for its campus.

Famous pets as therapy dogs also include Archie. Archie lives in California and he helps children deal with feelings, and cope with situations such as family crises, abuse or even neglect. Archie spends his days sharing his joy and love with all these kids. Archie has also had water training for rescues.

Dogs are also being used at Kilby School to assist children with reading problems. Maggie is one of the many dogs that attend class once a week and she gets very excited to be there. It has been noted that the students who were not fond of reading, now just want to keep on reading. Improvement is seen after only two sessions.

Dogs are great listeners, they do not criticize or scream or fight with us. They help people in many ways just by being there.

Gibson is another example of famous pets as therapy dogs; he has appeared on many talk shows and was also noted the tallest dog in the Guinness Book of World Records.

There are also many others that have made a difference, Champ, Olaf, Zia, Cocao Puff, Sophie, Buddy, Lori and many more that play their part in the process of healing. They visit people all over the world every day, these dogs make a difference. Sometimes it is a small difference, and at other times it is the difference between life and death. They do not ask for anything in return, just that we love them and remember them. That we know their love was given fully and their sacrifices not in vain.

These famous pets as therapy dogs bring and share with us their magic, their strength and love. Remember the special dogs and love them always.