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GibsonBreaking news:

Gibson passed away on Friday, August 7 from bone cancer. To learn more about Gibson’s recent passing click here.

Visit to make donations to help with Gibson’s medical bills and funeral expenses. Also, has been established to promote Three Paws for the Cause and honor Gibson’s memory. The Web site features a memorial page where fans can pay tribute to him and express their condolences. The site also introduces new canine cancer awareness charms, sponsored by K9Grass, which are available for purchase.

Gibson is one big dog! In fact, in 2004 the Guinness Book of World Records named Gibson
The World’s Tallest Dog.” Since then, t
his loveable giant has gained attention with international
and national press, tv appearances and events. Gibson has even co-authored his very own book,
entitled  “Gibson Speaks.” The book gives insight to the life and journey of the world’s tallest dog.
Popularity aside, Gibson’s owner Sandy Hall is most proud of his certification and work as a therapy
and special needs training dog.

Have fun getting to know Gibson!

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